The Influence of Mining Corporations in Philippine Politics | War On Minerals

“What happens when they finish mining? They’re going to leave and what will happen to the toxic pit? It needs to be detoxified every day. If it’s not detoxified every day it will get overly toxic. And when it overflows as it will, that toxic water will go to our rivers and streams. And who suffers? Our community. That toxic pit is going to be there for eternity. So who is going to take care of that toxic pit? Tax payer’s money? And who is taking the risk? Our people for eternity? And where are these mining industries? They just leave.” ~ Gina Lopez

(C) Ms. Regina “Gina” Lopez

Documentary about “War on Minerals”, the influence of Mining Corporations in Philippine Politics.

The film “War on Minerals” will premiere in Manila in December 2017 under Springfilm Foundation, Directed by Jacco Groen.

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