i-ACT To Strictly Enforce Motorcycle Lane Policy Starting Monday, Nov. 14 – Manila, Philippines

As one of the initiatives to improve traffic condition in the metropolis, the Inter-Agency Council on Traffic (i-ACT) will strictly enforce the motorcycle lane policy along EDSA, C-5, Macapagal Avenue and Commonwealth Avenue starting Monday next week, November 14.

Prior to its stringent implementation of the use of the motorcycle lane along the said thoroughfares, i-ACT, along with members of the Motorcycle Philippines Federation (MCPF), will conduct trial runs on Saturday and Sunday to familiarize and orient all motorcycle riders on the policy.

Aside from educating and instilling road discipline among motorcyclists, MMDA General Manager Tim Orbos said strictly enforcing the motorcycle lane will ease the traffic situation on the roads and reduce the number of fatal accidents involving motorbikes.Data shows that out of the 265 daily vehicular accidents in Metro Manila, 30 involve motorcycle riders. Based on the Road Crash Statistical Report from January to April 2016, a total of 7,033 motorcycle accidents were recorded.

Out of the number of motorcycle-related mishaps, 82 cases were fatal, according to the report. In 2015, MMDA recorded a total of 18,668 motorcycle-related accidents in the metropolis, 238 of which resulted to deaths.On the dry run this weekend, i-ACT will be checking motorcycle riders’ proper attire, such as crash helmet, long pants, and shoes; and the mandatory switching on of headlights even during daytime.

Motorcycles that do not have signal lights and side-mirrors will also be flagged down.On a meeting this afternoon, Orbos and MCPF agreed to conduct a seminar for motorcyclists on road safety and traffic rules and regulations.

Source: (1) i-ACT To Strictly Enforce Motorcycle Lane Policy Starting Monday, Nov. 14


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