25 Unusual Sites to Help Get Rid of Boredom

Sometimes you end up with just too much time on your hands. Maybe you’ve done all your work for the day and are at a loose end, maybe your work is just boring you senseless. You might have gotten sick of you’re favourite websites, you can’t find any interesting articles to read, and it’s the same old news on Facebook. Well, we’ve got some alternatives for you.

Here’s a list of the best unusual and interesting websites you’ve probably never heard of.

The Secret Door

Every time you open the door you end up somewhere new and unexpected.


Choose a date and a country and you’ll be able to listen to the music which was popular at that point and location in history.


Based on the preferences you provide, this site suggests new music, movies and TV shows which you should like.


This site uses Google Maps casts you into an unknown region of the world and you have to guess where you are.

The Museum of Endangered Sounds

As old things disappear, the sounds we associate with them also pass into history. Fortunately, this site has managed to preserve many of them — and it’s a fascinating look into the past.

8-bit icon constructor

An interesting site that lets you make an original and unusual online avatar.

The sound of rain

Relax and feel at one with nature using this unique site.

A little alchemy

An unusual game which lets you create up to 550 different substances from just four basic elements.

Learn to touch type using all ten fingers

If you’re still typing with two fingers and looking at the keyboard, you need to try this.


This is a highly original project — see for yourself. More often than not you’ll be surprised at the course of events that transpire.

Virtual Piano

A great idea which no one appears to have thought of before: play the piano with the help of your computer.

Compose music

Provides a fairly simple way to create a melody and feel like you’re a real musician.

Explore the stars

A highly detailed model of the stars. Go and explore the universe!

The world flight map

This site lets you see all the commercial planes in the air around the world in real time.

Catch the black cat

Turn all the green circles into yellow ones to catch the cat. A really addictive game!

How many people are in space right now?

Find out how many people are in space right now together with their details.


Here you can create your own simple cartoon.


A site which lets you choose a beautiful background to look at. Sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery.


This site provides a whole host of beautiful and detailed panoramic views of locations around the world, all in high resolution.

Wikipedia: Unusual Articles

Provides a huge list of the most eccentric, odd and unusual pages you won’t find anywhere else on the net, and especially not in other encyclopedias.


…For those who’ve exhausted all other options!

Source: 25 unusual sites to help get rid of boredom


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