How to Look Younger

9 Tricks Dermatologists Don’t Give Away for Free

Sleep on your back.

Sleep on your back.ISTOCK/GRINVALDS
“I can tell which way you sleep. Sleeping on your side or stomach creates a furrow on one side of your face. For an easy way to minimize wrinkles, sleep on your back. You may snore, but you’ll age better.”

Don’t overdo it at the gym.

Don’t overdo it at the gym.ISTOCK/MICROGEN
“That hour on the treadmill will make you healthier, but it won’t make you look younger. Thinner and more athletic people who are over age 40 tend to look older than out-of-shape people, because they have less fat under their skin.”

Watch for sun damage when you’re behind the wheel.

Watch for sun damage when you're behind the wheel.ISTOCK/MICHELLEGIBSON
“Most people have more sun damage on the left side of their face simply from driving. Tint your window, get a UV shield or just make sure you apply sunblock.”

Don’t switch products so often.

Don't switch products so often.ISTOCK/YURI_ARCURS
“Most people give up on skin products too quickly. It takes 21 days for a skin cell to be made and work its way to the top of the epidermis. So if you’re trying a new anti-aging cream, give it at least four weeks to work.”

You may just need a wax instead of a lift.

You may just need a wax instead of a lift.ISTOCK/FANGXIANUO
“I had a patient who wanted a brow lift because she thought she looked grumpy all the time. I sent her for a brow wax instead. It took 15 minutes, she looked great, and she saved herself $5,000.”

Slather on sunscreen.

“Want to avoid my office? Use sunblock with zinc or titanium dioxide, wear sunglasses outside, and don’t squint.”

You can trust drugstore brands.

You can trust drugstore brands.ISTOCK/JACOB WACKERHAUSEN
“Try drugstore-brand anti-aging creams first. Those from Olay, Neutrogena, and Aveeno have the same active ingredients and can be just as effective as products that cost four to ten times as much at department stores.”

A good cream can put off a surgical tuck.

 A good cream can put off a surgical tuck.ISTOCK/UTKAMANDARINKA
“Sure, I can give you an eyelid lift, but I’ve seen patients get similar results with an over-the-counter firming serum and eyelid lift creams. The results are temporary, but they do work to reduce lines and puffiness.”

Keep your face calm.

Keep your face calm.ISTOCK/PORTRA
“If you’re constantly frowning or making an angry face, you’ll get that mean groove between your eyes, and your face will eventually be stuck that way.”


Source: How to Look Younger: 9 Tricks Dermatologists Won’t Share | Reader’s Digest


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