10 Single-Dumbbell Exercises That’ll Help You Sculpt Flat Abs

If your regular old crunches aren’t getting you any closer to your dream of killer abs, it might be time to add some weight to your routine. We’re not talking about giant barbells either—just one dumbbell will do.

The key to pulling off exercises like the dumbbell offset shoulder carry—which TBH, doesn’t even look like an abs exercise—is this: “You want to really focus on keeping your core tight and engaged throughout every motion,” says Jen. “Even when it might not seem like a core move, by holding a single weight you’re forcing your entire core to work more to help stabilize your body as you move.” (Learn more awesome strength-training techniques with Women’s Health’s Lift to Get Lean by Holly Perkins.)

Source: 10 Single-Dumbbell Exercises That’ll Help You Sculpt Flat Abs


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