9 things successful people do to conduct effective meetings

Everyone you meet on your path of life has an impact and can help you open more doors in terms of friendships, business, love, and so on. You never know in advance which roles the people you meet will play in your life.the true value of making new acquaintances and business contacts.

Do a little research before going to the meeting

Prepare for the context of the meeting

Remember that no one feels comfortable during the first meeting

A friendly smile is your best accessory

Look someone in the eye

Offer a culturally acceptable greeting

Take note of other people’s surroundings for clues about them

Focus on the other person’s interests

Don’t overstay your welcome

It is important to end your meeting on time. Even if there are still unspecified issues left, it’s quite a normal situation for a first meeting. Then there’s a greater chance that the other person will look forward to a second meeting to discuss the important issues more thoroughly.

The first meeting is more of an opportunity for both parties to get to know each other better. Trying to discuss all the possible angles of the matter during it isn’t a good idea. Let the negotiation process have a natural progression and span.

Source: 9 things successful people do to conduct effective meetings


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