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Michael Bublé and Blake Shelton – Home


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Four Lion Cubs with Five Good Dads!

Five lion brothers show their tender sides as they look after the newest additions to the pride.

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How the world failed Syria

The UN’s outgoing humanitarian envoy to Syria, Yacoub el Hillo, says that people in Syria could have been spared the brutality of the past five years if the international community had more “political guts”. He spoke to the BBC’s Chief … Continue reading

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KFC recipe revealed?

So many stories have been told about Colonel Sanders and his Kentucky Fried Chicken, it’s impossible to know where the truth ends and the fiction begins. This is one of those stories. A mix of memory, mystery and a pinch … Continue reading

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This emotional video shows Syrian children devastated after their brother was killed in an airstrike (warning: graphic)

Source: (1) NowThis

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Four technologies to save the diesel engine

Should the diesel engine be tossed onto the scrapheap? Headline writers shouldn’t forget that all combustion engines produce nitrogen oxides. While diesel NOx is higher than petrol (Euro6 NOx limits allow 80mg/l for diesel and 60mg/l for gasoline), the rollout … Continue reading

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11 things we’ll never admit to our parents

We all hope that we’ll make our parents proud and that they will rejoice in our successes. But there are some things we always keep a secret from them. 11 things we’ll never admit to our parents Source: 11 things we’ll never admit … Continue reading

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